Tom Blood Music, Hey looking forward to some more fun gigs in the new year.  Our drummers Alan Cornett and John Zidar are splitting duties and have  been kicking butt! Jay Dennis is still playing occasionally.  Check the schedule link for exact dates!
The Harp and Fiddle
Clyde's CC
Out of the 
Way Cafe
Hershey's Restuarant 
Lahinch Tavern
The Old Brogue


© 2020 Tom Blood

What's going on with Tom Blood and LAU!


The band Late as Usual is starting 2020, we will be performing at a number of places in the new year. Check out the schedule! We are performing at the Harp and Fiddle, Hershey’s Restaurant, Clyde's Chevy Chase, Out of the Way Cafe, KOC at the Rock Creek Mansion, AHOP, LaHinch and the Old Brogue.      (Late as Usual Includes Alan Cornett, Chris Marsh, Sam Goodall, Jay Dennis, John Zidar and Mike Lessin. Steve Churchill and John Rasmussen round out the Horn Section)

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